Eidolon: The Thousand Years Ghost,
                 Trees of Change,
                 Journey to the Past

The story of Hickory Stevens in the reborn city of Portla

Hickory Stevens is almost a young man, and he is ready to prove to his father that he can handle the secrets of his world, ready to look for the forbidden artifacts of Before just as his father does.  Deep in the ground lies the world that thrived one thousand years ago, its secrets not allowed to be discovered for fear of bringing back the disaster that left the world of Before in ruins, dead but for a few survivors. 

 With the words of Captain Baltimore's ancient journal to guide them, many of Portla don't want to find out about Before and are content with only moving forward.  When Hickory stumbles upon the Eidolon in her building from long ago, she gives him clues about her world that cause him to become a singular historian, even surprising his own father.  And handling secrets turns into more than just not talking about what he'd found.